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Salon Ambience: The Quality

Every component and material utilised is definitively ‘Made In Italy’. From the cut of the upholstery to the stitching, from the choice of finish to the final packing, the importance of global quality is seen in every detail.
The wood that is used is a superior multilayer, which is beech and birch. This material, also used for padded chairs, promises a total resistance, even when put under heavy stress, or placed under heavy weights.
The packing that is used addresses all of the modern problems of logistic movement. Salon Ambience is the only company in the Italian panorama that includes packing in the total cost of the product.
The glass used is of high thickness and is characterised by treatments that guarantee a high return, which includes: the acidity, which allows a total uniformity of the panel colouring, and the tempering that, as well as allowing maximum flexibility and resistance, allows in the case of knocks, the breaking of pieces into rounded micro fragments, creating a safe breakage.
All mirrors are characterised by a backing support system, which allows complete protection from any possible breakages.
Every metallic object, treated with different finishes and chroming, is rigorously picked from Italian production, which guarantees the maximum results in both quality and style. For these reasons every metallic component has a 2-year guarantee.
The upholstery materials respect all norms of the sector, and are characterised by heightened resistance to abrasion, and strong elasticity, helping maintain its appearance after some considerable time.