Shampoo Units Without Massage


(WU/210 single) -  (WU/220 double) - (WU/230 triple)

Make your salon feel like home with the SOFA shampoo unit! This stunning washunit has been expertly designed to offer an amazing experience to the client; incredible comfort combined with a unique, refined style. Stainless steel profiling at the bottom of the shampoo unit help protect the upholstery and add to the look, while the relaxing ‘sofa’ style of the shampoo unit is continued thanks to elegant cushions – two armrests that come together with every Sofa unit (double and triple versions contain a larger ‘middle’ cushion). This versatility allows the salon owner to personalise their work area even more!

Aside from the beautiful style of the shampoo unit, the other eye-catching element is of course the brand new ceramic basin. The unique style of this basin has been carefully studied to offer great functionality together with an absolutely unbelievable form – almost the full width of the shampoo unit has been utilised, to great effect! With the tap and shower head at the sides of the basin, the operator is allowed to work unhindered in the middle of the basin; this practical approach to the needs of the salon has been tied together with an amazing modern style, and of course incredible comfort for the client.

The minimal yet accommodating shape of the Sofa has been carefully studied to also offer extra storage space at the back, with a product shelf found below the basin. The Sofa is available in a choice of Sky Colours, either one or two-tone, at no extra cost.

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