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The VIP reception desk offers an elegant, upmarket solution for a variety of salon types, thanks both to its highly customisable nature, and the incredible style and attention to detail seen in every aspect of the desk. Stunning mirrored panelling covers the outside of the VIP, with an illuminated rectangle of LED backlighting framing the inside of the front panel, creating an eye-catching, attractive sight upon entering the salon. The white internal structure of the desk offers ample computer and work space. Three separate VIP components are available; a 90cm long desk, a 140cm long desk and a 50cm corner section. These three components offer the possibility of personalising the reception area, creating a desk that fits perfectly into any salon, while always offering the ‘VIP’ effect!


Mirrored panels cover entire structure

Front mirror panel with LED lighting shown through desilvered decoration

Internal structure in white laminate, with ample storage and work space

140cm glass work shelf accessory also available (ACC/090)

VIP 90: 25W - 1100 lumen - 4500 kelvin - cold white

VIP 140: 30W - 1400 lumen - 4500 kelvin - cold white

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