Barber Styling Units


(MM/061 - MM/060)

The Chester barber unit takes sophistication and style to a new level, with the unit’s work surface in a dark, elegant wengè wood-textured melamine, complete with stainless steel protective cover underneath the work surface. The mirror boasts a padded, upholstered frame with buttons, with the possibility of customising the frame in any of the Salon Ambience Sky Colour range. Available with or without basin and mixer.


Padded upholstered frame, full Salon Ambience Sky Colour range available

Structure in wengè wood textured melamine

Available with or without basin and mixer

technical data assembly
sky colours
Tags: Salon Ambience, hairdressing furniture, hairdressing salon, furnished salon, furniture, cabinet, equipment, mirror, styling unit, work station, for men, MM/060, MM/061
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